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They need their tea, skinny jeans and teacup yorkies with them at all times.

American men in the south view themselves as basically John Wayne – masculine and rough, but can clean up and be a gentleman to the ladies.

“I would say there is a stigma of timid British men.

Americans are stereotyped as overtly confident a lot of times, and this can have a strong upside in a loud, crowded bar or club.

’ “British guys don’t need to have that much game when the accent comes out. “We have a load of guys from St Andrews here at William and Mary, so I’m fairly informed of the difference.

The Scottish guys are real shy, but there aren’t many of them.

Within minutes, you’re forcing your way through the crowd in a busy Manhattan bar.Though the United Kingdom is an ethnically diverse, social safety-netted, and economically stable place,many men from this country tend to be old-fashioned and it can be quite charming.British culture generally places a lot emphasis on the idea of being “emotionally independent”, so these men tend to be independent in all aspects, and are strong-willed and able to cope emotionally - what woman wouldn’t want such a reliable partner?British men would have better game in a more conversational environment, assuming these stereotypes hold true.” “If you have an accent, you automatically start at a 6 in America.End any sentence with “innit” or say “mum” or “pint” and suddenly the conversation shifts from ‘let’s be friends’ to ‘what’s your Snap? We make up for it with insane frat parties and ridiculous, sometimes unnecessary, drinking methods.” “They seem to be pretty shy, but that accent, like, damn.

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