American woman dating nigerian man

not just nigerian men but foreign men that migrate to the united states they get what they want(papers, legal documents), the next thing is for them to ditch their partners.

according to them(illegal immigrant) they are now free.

/ Igbo-Nigerian Men Are The Most Handsome Men In Africa!

(1) (2) (3) (4) Recently I was in a discussion with a few American women and the topic was "Marrying Nigerian Men".

I submmit to you that no body would want to stay in a relationship where the other spouse ( foreign women) is physically and mentally abusive towards this men because of thier areas of vulnerability.

I have a very close friend that works for the Guardian.Another blatant and ignorant example of stereotypism.I could likewise say that since, when I turn on the TV in the US, most of the news involves one american (mostly black) killing someone, that every american person walks around with a gun with the intent to kill If you should encounter such pple again, send them my way. I basically soak them, wash them, bleach them, dry them and iron them., While dem no come marry me make I give them Ghanaian citizenship since Niaja don taya them )Well truth of the matter is, many of this women marry Nigerian women because they think that we're stupid and would probably tolerate all the abusive behavious the average American man wouldn't take.Those women that complain about there African husbands need to be honest with themselves and check how they treated the men that left them afterall.

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