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Use lots of positive words and phrases, such as really; what I like about this; why I really like. What you are looking to do here is to plant seeds of interest in your prospective partner’s mind.

You’re more likely to do that successfully if you come across as open, upbeat and honest.

There are plenty of books for people already in a relationship. If the other person is on the spectrum though, they may not get flirting cues and it sometimes helps just to be direct and ask if they would like to go out on a date.

There are lots of programmes such as , which show Aspies getting together. There must be lots of Aspies of my generation who have never even approached a prospective partner, or if they had, they had either misread or completely missed out on signals and been left wandering in an uncertain emotional wilderness, unsure of who to ask for help. Well, with a query to the Autism Dating Support Network on Facebook: I would start with a local autism centre and see if they have a group with events. I found out a lot of things just by practice So, how do you go about meeting people?

I think one of the mistakes people have made in the past, when trying to help out my generation of Aspies, is to mistake naivety for emotional immaturity. The people around about me are looking into the eyes of each other. That’s a great tip to pick up on, as it indicates to the other person first of all that you are listening to what they have said and also that you are interested and want to hear more from them. We also have a tendency to be too blunt for most people’s tastes. Help us build up a wee loose repertoire of things to say and do and of when to say and do them.

In general, they are surrounded by friends and family who are always on hand to offer them help, advice and emotional support, just when they happen to need it the most.

Well, a good way of doing this is to make a note to yourself of what your main interests are.

Once you’ve done that, try writing a sentence or two about each.

They’ll want to open us up a bit more but may not have the knowledge or the patience to help us to do so.

As Aspies, we see each other’s colleagues and friends around us all day, flirting with each other, enjoying each other’s company, having a laugh, creating chemistry between each other. So, how can parents and siblings and friends help here? You may not think that the Aspie is ready to start dating as yet but, in all honesty, who ever is?

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