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“You mentioned you had some store-related debt to pay off,” I said. This was the scene: Problem was, these were ex-rentals, so there was an extra step: Cleaning.

The successful bidder is required to get the vehicle registered as well as to deposit the balance bidding amount within one month from date of auction, failing which penalty @10% per annum as well as interest at normal rates (10% per annum) on the balance amount would be charged till the date of payment.The procedure of online auction will be available on National Transport website: https://in/fancy and the link of the same will be available on the Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website: a) 0012 to 0021 b) 0023 to 0032 c) 0034 to 0043 d) 0045 to 0054 e) 0056 to 0065 f) 0067 to 0076 g) 0078 to 0087 h) 0089 to 0098 i) 0111,0222,0333,0444,0555,0666, 0777,0888,0999 j)1111,2222,3333,4444,5555,6666,7777,8888,9999 k) 0200,0300,0400,0500,0600, 0700,0800,0900 l)1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000,8000,9000 a) 0110,0121,0123,0151 b) 0202,0212,0234 c) 0303,0313,0323,0330,0345 d) 0404,0414,0440,0456 e) 0505,0515, 0525,0550,0567,0575 f) 0606,0616,0660,0678 g) 0707,0717,0770,0786, 0789 h) 0808,0818,0880 i) 0909,0919,0990 j) 1010,1011,1112,1212,1234,1313, 1414,1515,1616, 1717,1818,1919 k)2020,2021,2121,2323,2345,2424,2525,2626, 2727,2828,2929 l) 3030,3031,3131,3232,3434,3456,3535,3636, 3737,3838,3939 m) 4040,4041,4141,4242,4343,4545,4567,4646 4747,4848,4949 n) 5050,5051,5151,5252,5353,5454,5656,5678, 5757,5858,5959 o) 6060,6061,6161,6262,6363,6464,6565,6767, 6789,6868,6969 p) 7070,7071,7171,7272,7373,7474,7575,7676, 7878,7890, 7979 q) 8080,8081,8181,8282,8383,8484,8585,8686, 8787,8989 r) 9090,9091,9191,9292,9393,9494,9595,9696, 9797,9898 The owner of the vehicle will be allowed to purchase registration mark of choice through e-auction, if he/she has purchased the vehicle at Chandigarh address only and the address proof in this regard is to be submitted by the applicant at the time of the registration of vehicle.T., Chandigarh with a validity of at least 3 months.The draft amount shall be equal to highest reserve price out of chosen numbers if he intends to participate in e-auction for more than one choice registered mark.

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