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It is up to the individual to decide whether they want to buy the wine or shop at Wegman’s. However, I will not tolerate a business that feels the need to inflict its political leanings on me. Reply You people are unbelievable, first off do you know the reason for why they decided not to sell Trump wine? Why don’t you go and round up donations for your local ASPCA or your local Tea Party chapter!!! I try to contact the hr depr and they never respond , answer or provide me with a reason.

You have just as many customers who will stop shopping at Wegman’s if you decide to stop carrying the wine. Reply I understand there is a move underway for consumers wanting u to remove Trump wines/ or any of Trump products. As a retailer you need to remain neutral and if u don’t I will also refuse to shop in your stores. I feel it is very unfair and uts a shame because i love your store and i would be an asset to wprking at Wegmans.

So I am still waiting and hoping that they reconsider because If I have to beg in the street for money to balance my financial situation I could or will, which is something I don’t want to do, but itmagining that this is how the homeless people become helpless because they are treated as rejects and do not offer them jobs when they need them, so they become an image of how unfair our society can be with people looking for there freedom to grow and create happiness for themselves and their families, without giving up.

So if you read my message please I am still in need of an opportunity within your Wegmans Store. Reply From what I have read lately about Trump wine, I think you are ALL missing the point. Any retailer should be able to carry and sell a variety of notebooks, greeting cards, health foods, wines, beer, meats, produce etc.

I do realize that this happened in the liquor store not grocery store, however, I have been so distraught by this experience that I don’t want to step foot into Wegman’s.

This was a difficult choice not to return because I do like your selection.

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Regards, Reply I live in the Dulles Sterling Area, and I have been urgently looking for a job, to support my daughter and my self, and avoid being an statistic to government free help, like snap and free rent.

I prefer to work and grow my savings, but since her dad became real sick I don’t have enough of financial stability to buy her clothes for back to school, or pay my bills on time.

After ringing up the first bottle the cashier asked to see my daughter’s ID. I said I understand, but she is not 21 and is not purchasing the items, I am. I pointed to the other families in line with children much younger and asked if he will be asking for their IDs as well.

He said, “well if someone a group is purchasing alcohol over 21 and everyone looks young, we ask to see everyone’s ID in case they are purchasing for someone under 21.” I understand and respect that rule, but I am this 20 year-old’s mother and not purchasing the alcohol for her. When I repeated that you can check, but she is not 21 yet, he asked her to stand at the end of the register.

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