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I talked to a girlfriend today and these questions came up. Back and forth for months on end around the same mountain. A: As a guy, I have learned over the years that we tend to be a bit freer with our words (direct feedback from our lady friends) without being mindful of the impact. Almost always the issue isn’t what others are or are not doing, but what we should do. So let’s talk first about waiting and put it in perspective.So I hope you all will have some grace while I try to articulate an answer to a very hard question that has not been edited. We will talk years, not months, around the mountains. I have one friend who has been believing God for a mate her whole life, and she is over 50. I remember when I first divorced and I observed those who had been divorced for 15 years and still single. Now, I approach my 15th year single and here is what I can say about waiting.

They all vary in ages, sizes, incomes, some have kids, some don’t, some have been married, and some haven’t.However, the author, a solid Christian woman truly seeking to understand, called me out.I was like, “no you didn’t,” said in my little sister’s Philly accent. As I mention in most posts I am not a perfect man nor do I hold myself out as some authority to singles.How can you determine in a relatively short amount of time if this man is going to lead you toward pursuing Christ?As a single woman, you’re submitting to your pastor as of spiritual importance and probably your father out of honor.

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  1. More than in a club unless you are a regular there. Write true about yourself, and focus on the positive. The easiest is to send the same message to each of them. Skip them out quickly or report them to the webmaster.