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the real authority is at the Port of Entry, where they have the right to reject the VISA, and send you back on the next flight.

Why would they offer a tourist visa if everyone knows it would be denied?

The biggest scare we had was at the US Port of entry, where she was pulled out of line, and every criteria submitted in the US Moscow Embassy became suspect, and again had to be defended.

After being shocked at this interrogation the first 10 minutes, she had the understanding to just DEMAND her Visa be honored, and changed her attitude of fear into an attitude of questioning this immigration agents right to deny her entry. We did not know, but the VISA in the Passport only allows you to ATTEMPT to enter the US...

S., she said, among other things, "You should know that after sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and fly to Moscow".

So take that phrase, including the double quotes, and paste it into Google.

First, I've always heard that it is VERY difficult for single Russian women to receive a tourist visas to the U. I would suspect that a Russian woman would probably need to show financial solvency in order to be granted a visa. Russian women asking men whom they've never met to send them travel money is almost always a scam. For instance, when scammers contact me, I usually play with them a little.

Make those assumptions and all these "Can she really get a tourist visa? I've been getting emails from 4 different Russian women.

I know they are all scams, but I like to play with them.

Trust me, all the good scams have many pictures, convincing flight information, information from and about travel agencies, plane ticket receipts, and even scanned passports and other IDs. Copy phrases from randomly selected emails she has sent you and paste them into Google.

they would neither offer it, nor would they provide it upon request.

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To collect $160 Dollars from unsuspecting people then turn them down... Also on the embassy website they claim over 400,000 visitors to America from Russia in first half of 2014, I read it on our embassy site. does anyone come here for vacation from Russia, Not everyone wants to live in America!

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