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This film is woefully inaccurate and has wildly missed its mark in its attempt to capture gaming culture. If you're the type that finds pointing out sexual orientation, making racist stereotypes, your mom jokes, or jokes about vaginas funny, then you will love this movie.

Every line of dialog has to consist of at least one "bro" and one derogatory statement towards either women, gays, gamers, or some ethnicity.

And though to some it might seem like an unusual way to make a film, Smith said it’s not much different from the bigger movies he’s directed.“As my friend was going, ‘You made a movie with Alan Rickman,’” Smith said.

“And I was like, ‘And now I’m making a movie with the kids in Sarasota.’ What’s the difference?

Mewes seems to be listed in multiple places at 6', which I doubt, looks about 5'10".

said on 15/Nov/11He looks shorter with Mamun because of the rucksack and loose posture, Mamun is standing very straight too. said on 15/Nov/11The rucksack is dragging him down in Mamun's pic, so I'll disregard that pic.

with mamun looks 178-179..rob top left 180-181 strong 5'11. Hes definitely shorter than 6' Jeff Anderson, which lays waste to his claim of 6' (I've even heard him claim 6' 1'', no way in hell), but he did appear to have an inch of Kevin Smiths wife (whos supposedly have 5' 10'') in Clerks 2...camera **** I guess?The movie features actors Jason Mewes and Harley Quinn Smith, the director’s daughter.Mewes has played the recurring character Jay, the speaking half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, and other roles in best friend Smith's films dating back to “Clerks.” And Harley Quinn works with her father again after starring alongside Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp in Smith’s last movie, “Yoga Hosers."“I’ll always hold Sarasota dear to my heart because it gives me another chance to be her dad again, but in a different capacity, be her director instead,” Smith, 47, said in an interview Friday at Booker Middle School, where the movie had filmed.“Killroy Was Here” is a horror anthology film based on “Kilroy was here,” the World War II-era graffiti featuring a bulbous-nosed figure.Smith wants to encourage collaboration and openness on his set, where students can feel free to offer suggestions.He also enjoys the vitality of working with younger aspiring filmmakers.

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I'd personally say 5'11 with a possibility of some extra change.

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