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I sat on the couch, stretched my legs out on the coffee table, and called Royce wondering if it really was a big deal or if maybe he was just looking for someone to talk to.Royce and I had met at an NA meeting when I had first moved to Chicago."Hell that little thing you wore earlier reminded me of it. " I slowly straightened them out raising them up and pointing my toes down they always had been my best feature."Those legs." Mark agreed, as starting at the top of my foot he ran his hand down my right leg.

I let myself completely relax as his talented fingers slowly worked my wet pussy. " Mark seemed annoyed which was odd he was usually pretty easy going about little things. "Trust me Mark if he were here Royce would want to sit on your lap not mine. "Could be big though, I had the showing yesterday." "Then call him back." Mark sighed and sat back. I wasn't really sure how to take what he had just said.I sighed, and sat up straight, feeling Marks hard cock pressing into my ass. His right leg was shaking back and forth, a telltale sign he was nervous.I was starting to wonder if I could take the chance of moving the robe to ride him on the deck. "Whatever you want little brother." I certainly wasn't going to disagree. "Just check it sis, it might be important." With a sigh I stepped away checking the number. As if to confirm that thought he reached out, and took another cigarette from the pack on the table and lit it.Not hard, just enough to pull the sensitive skin back and forth. Mark turned away from me putting his left leg up on the railing and crossing his arms as if ending any further conversation.I started to move, but Mark held me close to him and whispered; "Just sit back and let your little brother take care of you." I was in no mood to argue. I stared for a moment ignoring the phone wondering what he had just meant.

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