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Perhaps left simple for international appeal or for the simple fact that a simple, pure story would be more poignant.Anyway, if you go to a martial arts flick looking to pick it apart and analyze the acting skills then your a fool and should never leave your American Hollywood watering hole. Jackie built his comedic style from the ground up with his amazing acrobatic abilities, fighting skill and on screen charm.

Through the diversity of his fighting style as he battles people who using everything from crane style Kung Fu to Capoeira, you understand why comparing him to others is unfair.

Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe empowers women to challenge gender roles when it comes to dating … From how long to wait before texting a potential partner to what conversation topics are taboo for a first date, there seem to be more rules today for dating than there are single people on the hunt for that special someone.

One woman however, is using tech to turn an age-old dating tradition on its head.

The first is that 90% of the North American audience knows nothing about Asian films and more to the point, martial arts.

Several other IMDb members commented on the repetitiveness of the movie, comparisons to Jackie Chan/Jet Li and its use of Kung Fu.

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First of all martial arts flicks will always be redundant to some extent since there are only so many ways to pick a fight, but stories do vary as does the quality of action.

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