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While the Sri Lankan government planned tourist resorts and hotels with elite tourists in mind, the sixties brought in the low-budget or the "hippie" tourist who wandered along the coast seeking quieter and cheaper places.

Because marginalized children with little family supervision are the most vulnerable, campaign messages also focus on the need for vigilance by mothers.“Sexual exploitation in tourism has become a totally unacceptable phenomenon worldwide and is reaching an alarming level,” said the head of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board, Udaya Nanayakkara.“Quite often, child sex tourism is ignored and denied by many actors in the tourism industry.I am confident that we will be able to put a stop to the abuse of Sri Lankan children as a result of tourism.” The ‘zero tolerance’ message has been broadcast across this island nation through TV and radio ads.Billboards, banners, car stickers, flyers and in-flight magazines are disseminating the message as well.

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Women entered the tourism industry in limited capacities, as guest house owners, petty traders, and makers of clothing, handicrafts, and other wares.

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