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Stakeholder Perceptions of the Provision of Reproductive Health Services by School-Based Health Centers as They May Inform Public Policy. Modular psychotherapy for youth with internalizing problems: implementation with therapists in school-based health centers.ÌâåÊSchool Psychology Review. Hansen CE, Okoloko E, Ogunbajo A, North A, Niccolai LM. The Journal of Current Problems inÌâåÊPediatric andÌâåÊAdolescent Health Care. Mean intervals between doses did not differ significantly by race or insurance status. Lyon AR, Charlesworth-Attie S, Stoep AV, Mc Cauley E. School-based health centers in an era of health care reform: building on history. Rethinking school-based health centers as complex adaptive systems: maximizing opportunities for the prevention of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Series completion increased significantly with age, differed significantly between race groups (highest among white persons [56%]; lowest among black persons [38%]), and did not differ significantly by insurance status. Satisfaction with a school-based teen health center: a report card on care. Systematic review and narrative synthesis of the effectiveness of contraceptive service interventions for young people, delivered in educational settings. Knowledge and Likelihood to Recommend Intrauterine Devices for Adolescents Among School-based Health Center Providers. Finding: SBHCs provide a place-based form of health care and create unique opportunities to integrate care with primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.åÊFrom the Healthy Hearts program, 60% of the students who participated for theåÊentire 2004 to 2005 school year lowered theiråÊBMI score, with a mean reduction of 0.9 points.åÊThe Oakland Kicks Asthma programåÊfound that participating students had fewer activity limitations and emergency room visits than they did before the programåÊbegan. Benkert R, George N, Tanner C, Barkauskas VH, Pohl JM, Marszalek A. Blank L, Baxter SK, Payne N, Guillaume LR, Pilgrim H. Acceptability of School-Based Health Centers for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Visits: A Mixed-Methods Study. Link: Article Abstract Objective: This statement describes fouråÊinnovative Californian school-based health center (SBHC) programs focusing on obesity prevention, asthma, mental health, and oral health that represent new models of health care for children and adolescents. Adolescents' use of school-based health clinics for reproductive health services: data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Sexually active students' willingness to use school-based health centers for reproductive health care services in North Carolina. A systematic review of the role of school-based healthcare in adolescent sexual, reproductive, and mental health. Finding: Important factors for sustainability include community buy-in (becoming a trusted source of care within communities, and particularly for vulnerable populations), well-defined community partnerships, and care coordination.

Data on sociocontextual variables were analyzed to investigate factors that inhibit and facilitate school based health centers.

Comprehensive school-based health care: high school students' use of medical, mental health, and substance abuse services. High school students' experiences of bullying and victimization and the association with school health center use. Apr 2011;183(8):998-1006Robinson WL, Harper GW, Schoeny ME. Association between availability and quality of health services in schools and reproductive health outcomes among students: a multilevel observational study. School-based health center access, reproductive health care, and contraceptive use among sexually experienced high school students. Condom availability programs in Massachusetts high schools: relationships with condom use and sexual behavior. Link: Article Abstract Objective: Minority racial/ethnic pediatric populations and those living in poverty are at greater risk of exposure to trauma, development of mental health disorders, and school failure yet are less likely to have access to mental health services.

Lewis C, Deardorff J, Lahiff M, Soleimanpour S, Sakashita K, Brindis CD. The Journal of Patient Education andÌâåÊCounseling. Effects of a school-based intervention for urban adolescents with asthma. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Ethier KA, Dittus PJ, De Rosa CJ, Chung EQ, Martinez E, Kerndt PR. Blake SM, Ledsky R, Goodenow C, Sawyer R, Lohrmann D, Windsor R. Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health Journal. Finding: School-based health centers improve academic and health outcomes, especially for high needs or low income populations.

Measuring Success: Evaluation Designs and Approaches to Assessing the Impact of School-Based Health Centers. The role of school-based health centers in increasing universal and targeted delivery of primary and preventive care among adolescents. Finding: The review found that telehealth improves communication and collaboration, reduces absenteeism and parental missed work, improves health education and cost effectiveness, and that telehealth programs providing specialized services via a school nurse led to better health outcomes.

Link: Article Abstract Objective: To conduct a review of the implementation of telehealth in the school setting.

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